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9th May 2017

We are pleased to announce that we're able to accept new bookings for SERVICING work.

If you would like to make a service-related booking for your BMW then please contact us on

However, we're currently unable to respond to new E46 'Subframe' enquiries due to having filled most of our capacity from now until October 2017.
(Some spaces may become available or released in the coming months).
Please check our website again in due course as here we will announce when we are able to begin again taking NEW enquiries.
We hope you appreciate our honesty.

This does not affect our Redish Motorsport E46 V2 Subframe Reinforcement Plate Kits.

We always have large stocks of these, ready to ship worldwide.
Please contact ros@redish-motorsport.com to place an order.

If your car is already here on site:

Feel free to contact us on the dedicated email address and mobile number we have provided.

If you are already have a future booking with us :

We are still honouring all our current bookings, and you should continue to arrive on the date agreed and planned as work will still be going ahead.

Feel free to contact us on the dedicated email address and mobile number we have provided.


If you are wishing to make a NEW enquiry, unfortunately as explained above we’re not able to take any messages or hold records of your enquiry at this stage, but please feel free to check our website again in due course for an updated situation.

Thank you,
James @ Redish BMW

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